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UV GARD House & office window tinting


The best heat rejection solar film for house windows.

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Film Type - PET (Polyester)
UV Block >99%
Solar Energy Reflectance 12-53%
Glare Reduction 24-98%
Aesthetic - Mirror Like
Available in wide variety of colours
Component - Metalized Particles
Solar Heat Rejection 35-80%
TSER Total Solar Energy Rejected <80%
Visible Light Transmittance 8-70%
Enhance Indoor Privacy
During daytime
Warranty up to 10 Years
Against bubbling, peeling, cracking & discolouration

How It Works

UV GARD House & Office Heat Rejection Window Tinted Films
UV GARD House & Office Heat Rejection Window Tinted Films
Reflects Heat, UV & Glare Directly From The Windows

UV GARD Reflective Tinted Film. The heat rejection film with quality assurance.

What They Do

Rejects Heat Up To 89%

Rejects Solar Heat

When you are troubled by one or more of the following situations, a good quality film and service is essential.

Protection Against

heat exposure

Heat Exposures

UV GARD Reflective Tinted Film is proven to work and last in the hot climate in Malaysia. The UV solar film for windows is widely installed in Klang Valley's residential, commercial, industrial, government, hotel, and education buildings.


With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. So hire UV GARD to install UV solar film for windows, and rest assured you’ll be pleased with our solar film for house windows services, just like our past clients, who you can read more about below.