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Building Tinting Specialist Malaysia

Windows play a vital role in everyone's home. However, they cause many issues ranging from excessive glare, heat buildup, and high energy expenses to premature fading of carpets, furniture, and draperies. We have hot weather all year long in Malaysia, and heat is always a problem. Nonetheless, we can conserve energy and reduce heat & UV damage to our valuable furniture by installing house window tint. UV Gard is well known for providing house window tint Malaysia services for over 15 Years. Our window tinted films (aka solar window film, solar control window film, or heat rejection film) are made of multiple layers of high-quality polyester films that can withstand high temperatures, and the metalized or nano-ceramic component will be laminated in between the layers through a process called sputtering. If you are looking for good quality window tinting services, UV Gard it is! Hire us and you will get yourself covered with both workmanship guaranteed and a film warranty from 7 to 10 Years.

Why Is Home Tinting Important?

The solar heat rejection window film is one of the essential window films for homes and offices due to the hot climate in Malaysia. Home window tint and office window tint can stop the excessive heat from radiating through your windows letting you to have a cooler room temperature and no need to waste so much power on the electricity for air-conditioning. Furthermore, they can block UV radiation and protect your interiors from colour fading, protecting patients that are sensitive to UV rays. Reduce sun glare that could be hurting your eyes. Enhance indoor privacy, and stop people from looking into your house or office. Enhance the aesthetic of your buildings. Thus, house window tint is utterly important when you encounter any of the above-mentioned. Start protecting your valuables and your family now, professional window tinting service is the key.

Professional Tinting Services

House window tint malaysia

Hiring yourself a good service is always crucial, same as window tinting services. If you want a peace of mind? Always look for a professional to do the job for you. Why?! Because a professional window tinting service provider can save you from tons of unnecessary troubles. On top of that, they specialized in what they are doing, so that you can get the most information out of them. Look no further! You are now at the right place. You are hundred percent safe with UV Gard house window tint Malaysia service. We have strong company background and testimonials. Importantly, our sales & installation team have all the knowledge that you need to know about home window tint. Contact us now.

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