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UV GARD safety film

Safety & Security Window Film

Strengthen glass windows

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Security & Safety Films


Safety films are an integral part of both commercial and residential building codes. It is available in various shapes and sizes available. We have designed our safety & security window film for external and indoor use. The safety & security window film helps to hold shattered glass together, protecting persons, property, and possessions from spontaneous glass breakage, seismic events, and low-force glass impacts. Security and safety films are optically clear, transparent, high impact resistant Polyester (PET) Films, which give additional strength to glass, reduce glare & prevent the glass from splintering on impact. The typical thicknesses are 4 Mil & 7 Mil.

Furthermore, the window film helps extend the life of furniture by drastically lowering damaging UV rays, which are the leading cause of fading. With our safety and security window films, you can keep your family, friends, colleagues, and others safe. Our safety and security films' adhesive technology tightly attaches the film to the glass and holds fractured glass intact until replacement. As a result, our films are ideal for various applications. Security and safety films are commonly used in high-security areas such as embassies, banks, government buildings, malls, airports, hotels, and hospitals, as well as any structure that uses glass, such as glass railings, shower cubicles, French windows, glass doors, and windows in residential buildings. Contact our representatives now to select a code-compliant safety film for your building.


Security - protection against burglary.
Safety - strengthen glass windows in an unavoidably hazardous environment.
Safety - enhanced protection from natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, wind-borne debris.
Safety - reduce injury risk from sharp shattered glass during impact or cleaning.

​​​UV GARD security & safety films are genuine USA window films. All come with up to 7 years warranty against bubbling, peeling, cracking & discolouration.


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Glass Windows

Safety Film Specification



How to order:

1. Contact us with a phone call, text, or email.
2. We will understand your needs and arrange an appointment to visit the site.
3. We will look into the detail of your needs and the site condition during the visit.
4. Film samples and specifications will be presented and we will recommend the films that best suit your preference and the site condition.
5. A quotation will be provided based on the measurements taken at the site and the film type selected.
6. The installation schedule and duration will be informed after the order has been confirmed.
*Note: We offer no charges for the above-mentioned item no.1 to no.6
FREE quotation, FREE consultation, FREE site assessment, FREE taking measurements at the site.
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