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Inkjet Colour Printing & Computer Cutting


The finest vinyl sticker film supplier for your design

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Large Format Inkjet Colour Printing & Computer Machine Cutting

UV Gard is a vinyl sticker film supplier. We have been in the business of designing, customizing, and installing glass stickers for customers for over fifteen years. Supply and install high-quality digital inkjet color printing and computer machine cutting for various medium to large format vinyl sticker decal films for office company logos, retail shop advertisements, and signage. Our professionals collaborate with our customers and interior designers to create the most refined design for your glass stickers, allowing your corporate image or personal style to shine through. Vinyl stickers are the most cost-effective way of displaying your personality in the décor of your house, business, shop, cafe, or restaurant. So, if you want to acquire just the best, try the UV Gard glass sticker expert company. Self-adhesive vinyl is an excellent material for large format graphics. Because of the diverse range of specialty materials available, there is a vinyl to suit any need. Vinyl that adheres to practically any surface has been produced. As a vinyl sticker film supplier, whatever you require, we have an outstanding selection of quality certified digital films.

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Acrylic Signages

Acrylic Signage

- Decal Stick-On

- Vinyl Laminated

Large Format Vinyl Sticker Decal

Vinyl Sticker

- Digital Inkjet Print Clear/Clolour Sticker

- Gloss/Matte/Laminated Finishing

Acrylic Signage

Acrylic Signage

- Coloured Box Lettering

- Wall/Board Stick-On

Frosted Film Sticker - Computer Cutting

Frosted Film

- Computer Cutting

- Company Logo and Various Pattern

Perforated Vinyl Decal

Perforated Vinyl

- Digital Inkjet Printing

- Custom Design Editing

Frosted Film Sticker - Inkjet Colour Printing

Frosted Film

- Digital Inkjet Printing

- Company Logo and Various Design



Good products should always come with good services and make it the best package

Free Consultation

Our sales expert is professional and friendly. Tell them all your problems and let us take care all of it for you. We charge no fees for it.


We guarantee the best workmanship in town to our clients. Our installation team was well trained to do all the job clean and neat.

Free Alteration

We offer free alteration to the design provided by our customer. Our editor will check both the designs and dimensions are finely matching.






1. Contact us with a phone call, text, or email.
2. We will understand your needs and arrange an appointment to visit the site.
3. We will look into the detail of your needs and the site condition during the visit.
4. Film samples and specifications will be presented and we will recommend the films that best suit your preference and the site condition.
5. A quotation will be provided based on the measurements taken at the site and the film type selected.
6. The installation schedule and duration will be informed after the order has been confirmed.
*Note: We offer no charges for the above-mentioned item no.1 to no.6
FREE quotation, FREE consultation, FREE site assessment, FREE taking measurements at the site.

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