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Frosted sticker, frosted glass sticker, frosted film, frosted privacy film


Enhance room privacy with frosted glass sticker supplier Malaysia

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Film Type - PVC (Plastic)
Application - Cutting & Printing
Glare Reduction
Clear, White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Brown
Enhance Room's Privacy
Visible Light Transmittance <77%
Aesthetic - Sandblast
Non mirror effects
5 Years Warranty
Against bubbling, peeling, cracking


Modern Office

Enhance Privacy

Frosted privacy films are available in a variety of colors. We’ve been a frosted sticker supplier Malaysia throughout the years, and we’ve noticed that the clear and white colors are the most popular, followed by pink, light blue, yellow, green, brown, and black.


Product Descriptions

UV Gard is a frosted glass sticker supplier Malaysia that’s been in the business for over 15 years. A frosted privacy film is a  plastic film with a frosted or sandpaper-like finish. Some people refer to it as a frosted sticker or frosted film. They are commonly used to entirely or partially enhance room privacy with a bespoke design. However, the frosted film can also be used as a sticker. You can either choose to print graphics, patterns, logos, signage, and phrases that can be printed on the film using inkjet color printing equipment or a computer cutting machine. UV Gard is a frosted sticker supplier Malaysia. Even with a relatively simple design, they make the glass-filled office floor look more intriguing and dynamic.

As a frosted glass sticker supplier Malaysia, we recommend installing frosted films to enhance room privacy by blocking window visibility entirely or partially. The frosted privacy film is so versatile that you can machine cut it to create and use lines, abstracts, shapes, logos, signage, or any pattern design to enhance privacy to a certain degree.


Inkjet color printing enables you to have your preferred logos, signages, quotes, and photos printed and adhered to your windows.  The frosted film also promotes sun glare reduction, which aids shield your eyes from the effects of daily activity.


One thing that you need to take into consideration if you plan to install the frosted film, it is not ideal for installation in a location exposed to the hot sun since plastic shrinks when exposed to heat.

Enhance Room Privacy - fully or partially block the visibility of the windows.

Computer machine cut - partially enhance privacy with lines, abstracts, shapes, logos, signages or any pattern designs.

Inkjet colour printing - have your desired logos, signages, quotes, pictures printed and stick on your windows.
Sun Glare Reduction - protect your visual comfort from daily activities.

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