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UV GARD House & office window tinting


When both heat rejection & clear window view are required

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Film Type - PET (Polyester)
UV Block >99%
Solar Energy Absorbance 46-89%
Glare Reduction 13-95%
Component - Nano Ceramic Particles
Solar Heat Rejection 40-70%
TSER Total Solar Energy Rejected <70%
Visible Light Transmittance 5-79%
NiR Block At 1025NM 76-98%
Aesthetic - Clear Window View
Non mirror effect, high transparency
Warranty <10 Years
Against bubbling, peeling, cracking & discolouration

How It Works

UV GARD House & Office Heat Rejection Window Tinted Films
UV GARD House & Office Heat Rejection Window Tinted Films
Reflects Heat, UV & Glare Directly From The Windows

UV GARD Nano Ceramic Film. Transparent heat rejection film is now possible with the latest nanotechnology.

What They Do

Rejects Heat Up To 89%

Penolakan Haba

When you are troubled by one or more of the following situations, a good quality film and service is essential.

Protection Against

Penolakan Haba

​UV GARD Nano Ceramic Film is proven to work and last for the hot climate in Malaysia. They are widely installed in Klang Valley's residential, commercial, industrial, government, hotel, education buildings and more.


With everything we do, customer satisfaction always comes first. Hire UV GARD and rest assured you’ll be pleased with our services, just like our past clients, who you can read more about below.


Product Description

Nano Ceramic Film.

The high-performance heat rejection film with high transparency at both sides.

The main function of the nano ceramic film is to tackle the hottest electromagnetic radiation emitted from the sun, the infrared radiation, followed by the sunlight and UV.

They are designed to absorb the solar heat and hold them on the windows, which then cool down by dissipating the heat outwardly and inwardly by air ventilation from the fans, air-conditioning and natural air.

As a result of the clarity, the nano ceramic films are very popular for buildings with good window scenery. The film preserves the window view day and night meantime providing protection against heat, UV and sunlight exposure to your health, interiors and furnishing.

Note: Nano ceramic window film is a very good choice when window transparency is the primary requirement for your house and office windows. Otherwise, the reflective tinted film will be a better choice for optimum solar heat rejection.


Solar Heat Rejection - prevent the room from overheating. protection against deterioration of interiors and furniture.

UV Blocked - protection against cataract, skin condition, colour fading and deterioration of interiors and furniture.

Glare Reduction - protect visual comfort that affects daily moods and activities.

Window Clarity - preserve transparency on both sides of the windows
and allow higher visible light transmittance VLT to the room.

Enhance Indoor Privacy - Reduce outdoor visibility.

​Energy Saving - reduce the electricity consumption of the air conditioning.

Enhance Building Appearance - available in clear and various colours to match individual preferences.

Colours available, grey, dark grey, charcoal, carbon, black, green, and blue.

Genuine USA Nano Ceramic films.

Up to 10 years warranty.

Contact us for a price quote now.

Your windows deserve the best heat rejection film to protect you for the long term.

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